A lot of new content will be introduced in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade phase 5

The Shattered Sun is the name of this new faction. This TBC Classic Shattered Sun reputation guide discusses various things you can do to improve your reputation with this faction and, hopefully, unlock either the new title or some of the new amazing epic items that will be available when you reach exalted.

Shattered Sun Reputation Farm in Classic TBC – WoW TBC Classic Phase 5 Guide

When you arrive on the Isle of Quel’Danas, you may not be able to pick up two million quests because they are all gated behind different faces. However, there is one quest that you will undoubtedly be able to complete, and that is a quest for the island’s dungeon. The quest is called Magisters’ Terrace, and you can get it from Exarch Larethor. There are three quests in this dungeon, and completing all of them will earn you 750 reputations. Every boss you kill in normal mode will grant you 120 reputations, while every boss you kill in heroic mode will grant you 250 reputations. To become exalted, you must amass 42 000 reputations. If you complete this dungeon in normal mode, you will earn between 15 and 1600 reputations. It’s 2500 in heroic mode. This is significant because you will be unable to complete many daily quests in the early stages of WoW TBC Classic phase 5. If you want to unlock heroic mode, you must first complete normal mode and then the quest chain.

Farm with the best TBC Classic Reputation

I strongly advise anyone to complete heroic mode every day because the final boss has a chance to drop a wrapped head and even a rare mount. This sum can also be used to form an alliance. All bosses in heroic mode have a chance to drop an orb, which will transform you into a blood elf for 5 minutes. If you still want to do quests to improve your reputation with the Shattered Sun, these are locked behind various phases. So, at the start of this patch, you will only be able to pick up the quest at number one, then two, three, and finally four. We’ll walk you through all of the quests and what you need to do to complete them.

Shattered Sun Classic Reputation Phase 1 Quests

You can pick up three quests in this questing hub, two of which are daily quests. You’ll need to kill a lot of these creatures to get the mana remnants, and you’ll need a total of four of them. Other quests can be completed concurrently, and this quest grants you an item tuned crystal cores. After you have slain these targets, you must deploy them using the crystal core to a total of five different targets. Once you’ve done that, collect the four mana remnants. Then you’ll go to one of these crystals and complete the quest by using the mana remnants on the crystal. You can now return to the questing hub and complete both quests.

Non-Daily Tasks

You’ll be able to choose a non-daily quest, but this one will be crucial. Because it will direct you to another area where you can choose additional daily quests. In this quest, you will need to go to this portal and use the quest item that you received when you picked up the quest. You use this quest item at the portal to be teleported to the hellfire peninsula. This is also where you turn in the quest, and you can now pick up two of the daily quests. Both of these quests are completed in the same area.

You also received another quest item, this time for the other quest. However, in order to use this, you must first kill these targets. This has a chance to drop demonic blood, which you must combine with. You can use the quest item to weaken these targets while also completing the quest. To complete the quest, you must weaken and kill four different targets. Now all you have to do is hit back and hand in both quests.

Daily Tasks

If you want more daily quests, you can always go to Shattered City. You will be able to pick up a variety of quests in Shattered City. Lord Torvos can be found in Shattered City near the flight master, where you can pick up a daily quest for Netherstorm. In Netherstorm, you travel to a location where you can obtain the sunfury attack plans. This item’s drop chance