Rocket League is the skateboarding equivalent of freestyling, Everyone concurs that it looks cool

Rocket League’s freestyling, however, is poorly understood by the vast majority of players. Today we will discuss the best shortcuts and tactics for each Rocket League freestyle shot. We will discuss the finest advise for executing the four most common freestyle shots in Rocket League. First is the ceiling shot, second is the double-tap, third is the air dribble, and fourth is the flip reset.

How to Perform Ceiling Shots, Double Taps, Air Dribbles, and Flip Resets in Rocket League Freestyle

Air roll is the most efficient way to master freestyle in Rocket League. Understanding air roll is highly essential for Rocket League freestyle. Since each freestyle shot is unique, ceiling shots require knowledge of ceiling mechanics, double taps require the ability to read the ball, and flip resets require knowledge of how to reset. But ultimately, they all spring from the same source, which is appropriate aerial vehicle control. All of these mechanics will become much simpler if you comprehend the foundation, the air roll modifications, and how to drive your automobile in the direction you want it to be in midair. You will learn each of these maneuvers more quickly if you have greater aerial car control.

Tutorial on Ceiling Shots for Rocket League Freestyle

Ceiling shots are likely the simplest shot to master in this Rocket League freestyling guide. Ceiling shots are the easiest to master due to the fact that you do not need to keep your car in the air for very long. Even if you do not have the best aerial car handling, you can use the ceilings and walls to keep your vehicle in midair. To learn how to execute ceiling shots more effectively, however, it is sufficient to improve your setup. With the majority of other pictures, you can compensate for a poor setup, but ceiling shots are one of the rare shots where a poor setup would ruin the remainder of the shot. If you hit the ball up and it collides with the ceiling, it will fall back down before you can catch it. In order to hit ceiling shots more frequently, you should aim to strike the ball as close to the ceiling as possible without actually touching it. You want the ball to ascend into the air, hover over the peak as if it were brushing the ceiling, and then fall. This will give you the greatest time to catch up to the ball and make your ceiling shot the easiest to execute.

How can one perfect ceiling shots?

Do not enter a training pack, as training packs destroy the setup. The easiest way to learn how hard you need to hit the ball for these settings is through personal practice. In the end, you must do it yourself to truly understand how powerful your touches are, which is another reason why mastering these ceiling shots is a good place to start. Because you will be certain to master the setup when learning new shots in the future. Therefore, enter free play and begin by practicing chipping the ball up and establishing a solid setup for ceiling shots. If you have the Bacchus mod, another shortcut you can use to practice the setup, which applies to all the shots we’ll discuss, is to click the d-pad to place the ball on top of your vehicle. This will allow you to simply spawn the ball on top of your vehicle using the d-pad, and then drive it up the wall to fast obtain a large number of repeats. It is the most effective method for learning the shot.

Rocket League Freestyling Tutorial: Double Taps

Two suggestions to help you enhance this mechanic. Unlike ceiling shots, double taps require aerial car control since, depending on where the ball is traveling and your read on the ball, you will often need to alter your car slightly to the left or right in order to complete the double-tap.

The most important advice for double taps is to aim your first shot. The most common method people botch a double-tap is by making the first touch arbitrarily and then hoping to compensate for it after reading the backboard in order to hit a wacky shooting angle and score. Nonetheless, if you want to execute double taps with greater consistency, you should aim your first shot to provide you with the broadest angle, or in other words, the simplest second touch to complete the double-tap. Therefore, if you are setting up a double tap from the right side wall, you should normally aim above and to the right of the top right goal post. Because when you have that read and follow the ball off the back, you will have a really wide angle to complete the double.