How do I quickly go from bronze to supersonic legend in Rocket League?

Rocket League’s new content is becoming more and more similar from season to season, so the ranks of players may tell us a lot about how the player base is reacting. This Rocket League rank progression guide will show you the most important skills and tips you need to know to move up the ranks. As you move up the ranked ladder from bronze to supersonic legend, you’ll get a really good idea of how you should think about the game.

How to Move Up in Rocket League Bronze

If you’re bronze, all you really need to do is play the game and have fun with it. You’re only allowed to be bronze because you’re new. But even if that is the case, most new players are put right into silver. So if you’re bronze, just spend a few hours getting used to the controls. Rocket League is a unique game, so don’t feel bad if you have trouble at first. We all have trouble at first, but we all get used to it in the end. Just let how much fun you’re having be your reason to keep playing when you’re bronze. At this rank, the only thing we’d recommend is getting used to using only ball cam, if you aren’t already. You’ll be glad you did it later.

How to Get to Silver in Rocket League

In Rocket League, you try to score more goals than the other team. This is something that is true. But if you think this way about silver, it will hurt you more than help you. Try this way of thinking instead: Rocket League is about not getting scored on as much as your opponent. Silver has the worst ratio of offense to defense of any rank. When you’re the last line of defense for your team, you should only go for the ball if you know for sure you can score it. If you don’t, you run a big risk of making too many promises.

To win at silver, you don’t have to beat your opponents. There’s no need to play better than them if they keep making mistakes you can take advantage of. All you have to do is wait for them to make a mistake and then take advantage of it when it’s safe to do so. Your first goal should be to protect yourself. If you do it that way, you’ll be out of silver before you know it.

On a more technical level, you should get used to your turning radius at top speed in Silver. A lot of silvers play slowly and make small turns, so by the time they hit the ball, it doesn’t have much power. But if you hit the ball less often but with more force, you’ll be much more productive than everyone else. Wait until you have a free touch and then slam the ball into their goal.

The best way to get used to this is to hold down boost in free play and make big, wide turns to hit the ball. rather than just trying to make small changes. When you turn, you should point your left stick all the way to each side. This is the key to turning quickly and smoothly.

How to Get to Gold in Rocket League

When you reach gold, you should start thinking about which skills you want to improve. Up until now, you should have just been getting used to how your car moves and how it responds to your controls, as well as the game’s general physics. But once you reach gold and have a good idea of how the physics work, you should start to work on things like power hits, low aerials, and controlled touches.

You definitely don’t want to just play the game without trying to learn anything. Find a specific thing to learn that isn’t an advanced skill, like air dribbling or shooting from the ceiling, and practice it until you can do it reliably in-game. Silver is still a part of gold, so you should still try to get less points than your opponents instead of trying to get more points than them.

In relation to the rotation, this is also a good time to start learning back post rotations for defense. Back post is by far the most important thing you can learn about turning in Rocket League. Once you understand it, it will become a normal part of how you play. The offense will have to play better than you to score.