Add the Chopper EG Wheels from Rocket League Items to your motors

You can play the game on Switch without losing any of the components or motors you’ve accumulated on PlayStation 4. Now, before to this update, developer Psyonix has specified how all of this would operate.

Your Competitive Rank, Rocket Pass progress, and inventory will transfer, but you’ll need an Epic Games Account. After the update, you will be prompted to check in to your Epic account and select a Primary Platform in order to ascertain from which version of the game you are transitioning. If you’ve played the game on both PC and PS4, for example, you may wish to choose the platform where you’ve accumulated more stuff.

This will also immediately award you the Chopper EG Wheels for your motors as Rocket League Items. Alternately, you must be able to maintain development independence by not signing into Epic. In case you so preference.

The second method to get the Hades Bomb is to alter equipment.

The second way to get the Hades Bomb is by exchanging objects. Items unlocked using Reward Cups function identically to standard RL Items. Items with the same rarity from the same tournament may be exchanged for a random item with a higher rarity. To have a chance of obtaining the Hades Bomb, players would need to trade in five Exotic goods, as trading up requires the exchange of five objects and only results in a single rarity rank increase.

If players require the Hades Bomb, they must act quickly. Items used in tournaments are limited-time items. Using this method, they vanish from the store as soon as the season ends. In addition, tournament items cannot be traded with other players. In other words, this is the only way to acquire the Hades Rocket League Items Shop.

Bomb must be played correctly in tournaments so that participants have tokens to spend.