Best NBA 2k22 Build – Best ISO Build With Contact Dunks In NBA 2k22 Season 7

Today, going to be teaching you how to make the best slashing playmaker build in NBA 2k22 current-gen, now is the best, because it can play the two scored, play the three squads, specifically made it.
Actually, how to play every position, how everything works, could play guard, play the shot, all that does it on every chord, play the one score, play the two squads, plays the threes chord, even touched pro ham a little bit, this year not that that matters of course and another reason is that put defense on the build, defense is incredibly important that way, you can hop on the two’s core with the build and not have to just worry about rim runners the whole time.

Best NBA 2k22 Build - Best ISO Build With Contact Dunks In NBA 2k22 Season 7
Now the first thing that you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to turn on the metric system for the measurements or whatever it’s called, the terminology just go to the main menu go over here to features at the top, you want to click it, go to settings and then scroll down until you see right here, units of measurement and you’re going to want to turn on the metric system, now once the build is made and you already clicked confirm and all that you added the rebirth.
So you’re gonna want to go with the half yellow, half blue pie chart which is right here at the top, and then the physical profile, to go with pure speed, if you actually go with the speed vert pie chart down here, you will still get a 99 speed, but you will also have a very high vertical for the dunks, just max out your driving layup. Obviously, you’re gonna want to max this out, you are going to end up getting contact dunks at 90 overall, by the way, you don’t need to hit 95 and get any extra attribute upgrades, once you upgrade your driving dunk, you will get the contact dunks off rip which is amazing.

Best NBA 2K22 Shooting Guard Build
Choose Your Position & Profile
Position: Shooting Guard
Handed: left

Skill Breakdown
Choose the pie chart, you’re gonna go with the half yellow half blue pie chart.

Physical Profile
Speed: 87
Strength: 52
Accelerating: 86
Vertical: 88

Body Settings

  • Body Shape: Compact
  • Height: 1.95m
  • Weight: 93kg
  • Wingspan: 218cm

Potential Attributes
Set Your Potential Attributes

  • Finishing
    Close shot: 60-72
    Driving layup:62-95
    Driving dunk: 49-83
    Standing dunk: 41-41
    Post hook: 47-47
  • Shooting
    Mid-range shot: 46-75
    Three-point shot:44-67
    Free throw: 55-82
    Post Fade: 45-72
  • Playmaking
    Pass accuracy:53-86
    Ball handle: 52-88
    Post control: 45-53
  • Defense/Rebounding
    Interior defense: 35-52
    Perimeter defense: 48-76
    Lateral Quickness: 48-74
    Steal: 34-79
    Block: 28-28
    Offensive rebound: 29-29
    Defensive rebound: 29-66

Playmaker, Slasher

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