The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle: Everything You Need to Know

The Elder Scrolls Online is the game that went against the odds and won. Even though it hasn’t changed as much as Final Fantasy XIV, it has turned around and become, if not a juggernaut, at least a well-maintained, exciting MMO that’s almost a full Elder Scrolls game on its own. The Elder Scrolls Online in 2022 is a big game with big goals. It has a lot of lore, quests, and enough content to keep anyone happy. High Isle, the next chapter, looks like it will add to the game in all the right ways.

High Isle takes us to a brand-new place that has never been in an Elder Scrolls game before (outside of maps). It also gives us new ways to kill time and gives us unique rewards for doing so.

The story of ESO High Isle and the new area

The Systres Archipelago is a brand new place for players to go in High Isle. We’ll spend most of our time on the largest island, High Isle, which is one of three (hence the name of the expansion). Still, we will also go to the nearby prison island of Amenos.

High Isle is between Summerset Isle, High Rock, and the Hammerfell islands of Stros M’Kai. After the Colovian Estates sold it to the Bretons, most of the people who live there are Bretons. High Isle is a forested outpost with rolling hills and a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean. Amenos, on the other hand, has a much harsher climate and is mostly covered by jungles.

Why are we there, though? The Three Banners War is being talked about in secret on High Isle. The goal is to end the war. Since it’s so far from everywhere, it didn’t seem like it would get much attention, but, alas, it did. During this part of ESO’s story, the Ascendant Order will be our main enemy because they want to stir up trouble and keep the war going no matter what.

Since the expansion takes place in an archipelago, we can expect to run into sea creatures and pirates of all kinds. We might even run into the Sea Elves of Pyandomea, the Maomer, since we will be traveling close to where they live.

Some New Friends

ESO: Blackwood added a feature called “companion” that lets us play with a non-player character (NPC) who helps us fight and has a few…choice words to say if we do something they don’t like.

Ember and Isobel are two new friends who are coming to High Isle.

Ember is a Khajiit who grew up on High Isle and became a skilled Destruction sorcerer who can use magic on the battlefield that can do a lot of damage. Ember will be a little jaded when she joins you on your adventures, which is understandable since she’s been through a lot.

Isobel is a brave fighter who comes from a long line of proud Breton knights. She will fight alongside you in the melee, but be careful: if you go against what she thinks is best for the Bretons of High Isle, she may turn on you.