Path of Exile is a free online grinding gears rpg that has recently arrived on Game 4

The game, which has a similar style to Diablo 3, is also available for PC and Xbox One and allows players to create their characters and unlock skills from a large tree of skills, allowing them to create unique warriors. See our guide on how to download and play PoE on your PS4 for more information.

path of exile ps4 guide – download and play poe on ps4

How do I get Path of Exile on PS4?
step 1: From the PS4 main menu, navigate to the game store and press the triangle (or click “search” at the top of the screen).

step 2: Using the digital keyboard, enter the path of exile’s name and press r2 to proceed. Press x to select the game on the right side of the screen;

step 3: On the PlayStation Network game page, click the “download” button to begin the Path of Exile download on your console.

step 4: Wait for Path of Exile to download to your PlayStation 4. The game is less than 10gb in size and will be installed automatically after downloading. Then, simply run it from the console’s main menu.

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How do I play Path of Exile on the PlayStation 4?

Step 1: When you first play Path of Exile on PS4, you must create a character by selecting one of the game’s classes. Please keep in mind that each has unique characteristics and abilities, so read the descriptions carefully.

step 2: At the start of the campaign, you will appear on a kind of beach, where you will have the opportunity to learn the game’s basic commands. To walk, use the left analog stick, and to use your weapon, press X.

step 3: After defeating some enemies, they will drop items, which is one of the game’s main mechanics. With these weapons, equipment, and armor, you will equip your characters and make them stronger as the game progresses.

step 4: Use the touchpad on the PS4 controller to open the character management screen and edit your weapons and equipment. In addition to swapping and dropping items, plugins can be used to streamline some of them by adding new skills and improving their status.

step 5: Path of Exile, like most rpgs, has a progression system for your character, which gains attribute points for each new level gained. These points can be used to unlock one of the hundreds of tree abilities that can be used to create very versatile and interesting paths for each new warrior you create in the game.

step 6: Hold down the directional key to activate the region map and follow the points of interest to find missions, entrances to new areas, and other important locations. Check the writings below the mini map (upper right corner) for the coordinates of your next active tasks.