Path of Exile: Legion requires you to free your legions from the eternal battle

For thousands of years, the most powerful military leaders in Wraeclast’s history have been trapped in the Timeless Conflict Domain, fighting an eternal war. Path of Exile: Legion requires you to free your legions from the eternal battle and defeat them in combat in order to obtain their valuable rewards.

Legion 1 Path of Exile 3.7

Path of Exile: Legion League (POE 3.7 Expansion): What’s New?
Timeless Monoliths – You will come across monoliths while exploring Wraeclast in the Legion League. Activate them to reveal a long-forgotten conflict between several legions.

The Timeless Conflict Domain – Each of the five legions’ enemies throw fragments that can be combined to form an Emblem of the corresponding legion. To gain access to the Conflict Domain, place two or more different Legion Emblems on the Map Artifact.

Legion Item Rewards – Some Legion monsters display symbols indicating the specific items they cast. Skilled players can focus on freeing monsters that maximize the type of rewards they want. Some monsters can throw Path of Exile items of Incubation, which modify a piece of equipment to guarantee a specific reward after a certain number of monsters are killed.

Legion Jewels – Each of the five legions can bestow a special, one-of-a-kind jewel on your Passive Skills Tree. Each of the five jewels modifies the nearby passive in a different way, allowing you to create completely new characters if you have enough skill.

New Melee Combat – Melee combat in Path of Exile is now much more bearable. Animations can be canceled, movement skills are all instantaneous, and new low-level movement skills have been incorporated into many classes. All melee attacks can now hit multiple nearby enemies, among other things.

New Build Archetypes – The new Blood and Sand Gladiator archetype allows you to dynamically change the functionality of new and existing skills by alternating between Blood and Sand Postures. Rabia’s new Berserker archetype relaunches the Rabies system and adds new abilities that generate or consume Rabies. These powerful archetypes and their new abilities will provide more options for many different Path of Exile builds.

Mobs from the start of the game have been adjusted – With all of the melee improvements, players can now easily avoid attacks. They have used this to change the attacks of monsters that previously had little indication so that they are now more visible. This rebalance will also improve the AI of the monsters and the boss fights at the start of the campaign.